Training program

You get started with an 80-day training program that is divided into 7 periods. During these periods you work towards healthy breathing and you train different respiratory muscles. And after a few weeks you will notice: you feel better, you are more relaxed and you suffer less from complaints such as stress and tension.

Symptoms  Questionnaire (list)

How do you feel now? Often you do not notice how you really feel, for example due to all the busyness of the day. To keep track of how you feel and to see how your progress is during the training program, fill in the symptoms list every week.

Fill in the test and see how you feel.


Of course you want to keep track of how things are going and whether you are making progress. That is why we have made this clear for you. You see your 80-day progress, the progress of your symptoms and the scores per week from the symptoms list.

Tips & info

You will find more tips & info in the app. Read more about breathing, the difference between chest and abdominal breathing and about hyperventilation, stress and anxiety. Need a different exercise? You can find it here too.

Panic button

It can happen: you panic and you are going to hyperventilate. Let us help you, we are there for you. In the app you will find the panic button with which you can immediately start a breathing exercise to let you breathe calmly again. It’ll be fine.

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