Meet the BreathBalanz method: natural breathing in 80 days.
Thanks to years of experience, modern technology and an extensive training program, the BreathBalanz provided you with direct health benefits.

Years of experience

We have experienced the positive effects of a natural way of breathing ourselves: more rest, less stress and panic. We wanted to share this experience. 15 years later we have helped many people with their breathing. And now it is time to take our dream one step further: to put breathing well on the map worldwide.

Modern technology

The BreathBalanz consists of a unique combination: you train your breathing with the training program from the app. In addition, you measure your breathing frequency with the sensor and you keep track of your progress in the app. In this way you gain insight and regain confidence in your own body, so that your symptoms decrease and your breathing becomes calm (again).

Built-up training program

On the way to a better life in 80 days. With the training program of the BreathBalanz, you do breathing exercises twice a day. These exercises are nice and effective. You also measure your breathing once a week and register it in the app. This way you can see and feel your progress.

Effecten BECOME BALANCED BY BREATHING WELL BreathBalanz method helps you to find harmony with your body.


Calm your breathing and experience the effects it has on your health. After 80 days, breathing in and out is the most normal thing in the world. Your stress complaints get less space if you breathe naturally. Your hyperventilation complaints decrease or even disappear completely.

Personal guidance

Meet BREE: your personal coach who will guide you through the 80-day training program. With her appealing voice, BREE guides you while you do your exercises. She also encourages you to keep up. And in case you forgot: she will remember you to measure and register your breathing.

Easy to use

Buy the BreathBalanz, download the app and get started. You get your BreathBalanz with a personal application for Android and iOS. And what makes it so easy: you will be guided by BREE, by a picture or by taps. This way you can focus on your exercise and you don’t have to count how often you need to do something and whether you keep the right pace. You can adjust the sounds, memories, assistance and the pace of the exercises to your own liking. You can also get extra tips, exercises and info.

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