Become more vital
Be more relaxed
Sleep better
Prevent hyperventilation

Better quality of life through a calm and natural way of breathing

The BreathBalanz method is successfully used for this for 15 years

Why improve your breathing pattern?

A period of stress, problems or tension influences how you are going to breathe.

This usually happens unconsciously, but it does affect how you feel.

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The BreathBalanz can also support you with all kinds of extra breathing exercises.


I am getting better at practicing! I had to get used to it in the beginning, because it requires a lot of discipline to practice daily and consistently. In any case, it is a very effective way to start and end the day well.


What strikes me is that since I do the exercises, I have almost no problems anymore with intestinal cramps. I had that almost daily for this.



This technique of breathing really brings me something; provided you repeat it consistently. I sleep deeper at night, so I no longer have to go to the toilet. I am very happy with that!


Calm down your breathing and experience the effects it has on your health. At rest, breathing 6-12 times per minute is enough.

Personal guidance

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Easy to use

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Our dream is: to put breathing well on the map worldwide in order to improve the lives of millions of people.
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Breathing for optimal sports performance.

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Breathing: a case for the workplace.

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