A balanced life, both mentally and physically. That is what everybody wants most. Due to busy, stressful or special events, you can sometimes be out of balance. That’s okay. But sometimes the tension or stress lasts too long and causes you, to breathe faster without even realizing it. You switch to chest breathing. That is not necessarily wrong, but a less effective way of breathing. It also changes the acidity of your blood, causing you to get (vague) symptoms.

Use the BreathBalanz and learn to breathe right again. Experience the positive effects on your health.

Become more vital

The BreathBalanz helps you teach yourself a healthy breathing pattern. A good way of breathing has a positive influence on your mind and body: they are balanced. If you experience peace in your head, you automatically feel more relaxed in your body. You feel energetic, healthy and balanced: vital.

Become more relaxed

Many people breathe too fast at times when it is not necessary. This way you are working while you should be resting: we call that breathing work. This way you waste a lot of energy and get fatigued. The BreathBalanz helps you to (re)learn how to breathe as you did as a newborn baby: calmly through your diaphragm to your chest without breaks. So very relaxed.

Effecten BECOME BALANCED BY BREATHING WELL BreathBalanz method helps you to find harmony with your body.

Sleep better

Breathing too fast means your body is constantly working hard. You can imagine that this causes you to become restless. Falling asleep or sleeping through the night can become a problem. The BreathBalanz helps you regain control over your breathing. A relaxed, calm way of breathing. Also during your sleep.

Prevent hyperventilation

Hyperventilation means that you breathe too fast or too deep. It is caused by fear or tension, often without realizing it yourself. Hyperventilation is not a disease, but a way of breathing. It is not dangerous, but it can be very annoying for you. Fortunately, you can combat or prevent hyperventilation with the BreathBalanz. With the exercises from the app, you go back to a normal breathing pattern. At rest, this is between 6 to 12 times per minute.

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