WATCH OUT: Be aware that you should always consult a doctor about the nature of the symptoms.

The BreathBalanz is not a medical device!


The BreathBalanz help people to improve or to restore their breathing pattern. This can often be caused by many different factors, such as stress, hyperventilation or panic, and anxiety attacks. Moreover, inexplicable physical symptoms can also play a role, such as dizziness, palpitations, fatigue, frequent sighing and yawning, pain in the shoulders and neck, and insomnia. These various “vague complaints” are often labeled as “psychosomatic” complaints. See the symptoms list.


There is often no medically demonstrable reason for these complaints!

When in doubt, always consult a healthcare professional first to rule out a medical cause of these complaints.


For more information please follow these links:

1. The Symptoms list is a validated list:
The Nijmegen Questionnaire and dysfunctional breathing by P van Doorn, P.Colla, H Folgering.



2. Recognizing and treating breathing disorders.

3. Nivel:

4. Ik word ineens zo raar. Over spanning en hyperventilatie. Door Michel Roborgh, Klinisch Psycholoog en Gedrags-/Psychotherapeut. ISBN 9060097572

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